$1,095/ Rental

100 miles per day included,
$7 per additional mile,
Security deposit required.



  • 3.3 s
  • 503 hp
    (Twin Turbo V8)

Aston Martin Vantage Midnight Blue on Black

The Aston Martin Vantage is a work of automotive art in addition to being a stunning sports car. Both a newly released  coupe feature the Aston’s exquisite bodywork. A 503-hp twin-turbo V-8 from Mercedes-AMG that produces thrilling noises. Two wealthy people can fit inside, and there are enough custom features to give the room a special feel. For its supermodel shape alone, the Vantage would be deserving of worship, but it’s so much more.

A Mercedes-AMG twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 is housed beneath the Vantage’s clamshell hood. 503 horsepower and 505 lb-ft of torque are produced by this engine. The Vantage’s V-8 has a gorgeous exhaust note that ranges from a low baritone rumble at idle to a high-pitched shriek as it approaches its redline. Standard features include an electronically controlled limited-slip differential and adaptive dampers. On a race track, the Vantage is hilariously fun to drive due to its lively but predictable handling, and its compliant suspension. We adore driving the Vantage Roadster, praising its look-at-me demeanor as well as its capacity to switch between acting like an athlete and a lounger.

Inside, luxurious materials and a wide range of custom options continue the exterior theatrics. Among other luxurious features, Aston Martin offers full leather interiors, heated and ventilated seats, carbon-fiber steering wheels, embroidered headrests, and a variety of interior trim options. Although the cockpit is small enough for two, it is lined with faux suede and leather. Sport seats with power alterations and memory settings are also common.



200 mph
20 City / 24 Hwy
8 Speed Automatic
2 seater


A rotary knob and buttons on the center console are primarily used to control an 8.0-inch display that protrudes from the top of the dashboard. Aston Martin audio, Bluetooth, and an integrated navigation system are also included in the Vantage’s infotainment system.



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