Book a Mercedes S580 Rental Miami. We offers luxury exotic car for rent in Miami. The renting cost of S580 is $695 per day.
$695/ Rental

100 miles per day included,
$7 per additional mile,
Security deposit required.

  • 4.4 s
  • 496 hp
    (4.0L V8)

Mercedes Benz S580 Black on Peanut Butter

Rent a Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Miami and take advantage of the vehicle’s cutting-edge luxury and safety features, which are ideal for Miami’s congested streets. Many contemporary technology and services, like airbags, antilock brakes, and stability control, were introduced by Mercedes using their flagship sedan as a pioneer. The S-Class, however, is the brand’s biggest sedan and offers the greatest space for backseat passengers, making it a favorite for escorted tours of Miami.

The present Mercedes-Benz S-Class is at the top of the list of desirable options for a luxury sedan and carries on a long legacy of exotic innovation. It is built from bulletproof materials, has a beautiful interior, and an astounding number of amenities.

The Mercedes Benz S580 for hire from Luxx Miami, now in its 7th generation, debuts with a striking new look, a breath-taking new interior, and ground-breaking technology that undoubtedly will advance the automotive scene.

With the absolute peak of motoring experience it provides, this Luxury Car Rental will improve your trip regardless of whether it takes you on a picturesque or rough path.

Being the flagship Mercedes vehicle, one would naturally expect nothing less than excellence from the S-Class. Spoiler alert: Mercedes once again exceeds everyone’s expectations.

The Mercedes Benz 580 rental vehicle is equipped with a powerful engine that transmits absolute physical force to the 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system through a mind-boggling nine-speed automatic transmission.

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Book a Mercedes S580 Rental Miami. We offers luxury exotic car for rent in Miami. The renting cost of S580 is $695 per day.
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155 mph
19 City / 25 Hwy
9 Speed Automatic
5 seater


Every new S-Class can automatically warn a central notification system of various threats, from detected wheelspin to the deployment of warning flashers or even windshield wipers, thanks to its industry-leading Car-to-X Communication. The system may then warn other Car-to-X users through in-dash announcements or displays, allowing them to take appropriate measures before encountering the threat.

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