Villa Casa Blue | Belle Meade Vacation Rental Miami
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Casa Blue

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Villa Casa Blue | Belle Meade Vacation Rental Miami
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There is no better way to live a luxurious stay for your Miami trip than renting a gorgeous luxury mansion like one of the ones we offer here on Luxx Miami.

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Experience the difference of high-end living in this modern-designed house. With smart technology and energy-efficient design, it will make you feel right at home. This beautifully designed home features smart technology and has a beautiful view with the best in modern craftsmanship. The House features 7 Bedrooms and 8 Bathrooms along with a beautiful backyard oasis perfect for having the most unique staying experience to accompany your trip to Miami. Staying in a luxury house like this will be sure to make your visit unforgettable for you and your guests. This stunning property is also equipped with a pool and a spacious backyard perfect for entertaining.