Chauffeur and Private Driving

We can provide a luxurious chauffeur for an enjoyable travel experience with all-inclusive rates here at Luxx Miami. Luxx Miami  is ready to transform your ordinary journeys into stress-free, smooth, and fashionable travel experiences.

Professional drivers will transport you to your final destination in some of the most luxurious and iconic cars ever created.

Every day, we go above and beyond to provide you with the most lavishing and dependable luxury car rental by putting Chauffeurs in the spotlight. Traveling has become far more convenient with the assistance of a professional Chauffeur. They have been giving incredible extravagance heading out administrations to both business or individuals.

Private Security and Body Guard

We also provide private security ranging from a 1-15 man team with Celebrity security experience. Licensed and fully trained to escort you throughout the day or night whether you are doing regular activities, errands or business during your trip or you are a celebrity that needs security for your entourage Luxx Miami will make sure your safe and secure upon your traveling. We rather make sure you are safe instead of sorry in these crazy times. Please call or email us for our rates.