LUXX MIAMI's Full Photo and Video Production Team

With Luxx Miami not only can you rent your dream car or yacht experience but you can also commission our in-house production team to capture that experience for you with professional quality photos and videos. Our team has years of experience with a portfolio of exotic cars, tuner cars, events, and more.

This makes it easier than ever to showcase the Yacht, Villa, or Cars that you are renting with any vision in mind being made possible with Luxx Miami.

Whether you need marketing videos to showcase your products or services, or need supplementary footage that provides background into your organization’s history or ethos, we will work with you to determine the perfect finished product. We’ve been shooting cars for years and we know what it takes to capture the perfect shot — from camera angles to lighting, we make sure everything goes smoothly and your car looks amazing.

With our high-end equipment and team of experienced photographers, we make sure to capture every angle of your vehicle with precision. This helps to ensure that you get the perfect shot for your social media or blog post.

We also have specific cars meant only for production use for things like music videos or even films. Our production fleet includes high-powered cars like modified Dodge Challenger Hellcats nearing 1,000 horsepower and rare and modified tuner and import cars. This fleet is perfect for those projects that require more unrestrained driving.

Rolling Shots

Our team is great at taking rolling shots of the client driving the car at road speeds and making those images look like they’re traveling at extreme speeds. This is one of the best ways to make you and your ride look incredible.

Music Videos

We have shot several music videos including using some of our cars that are not for normal renting but are exclusive to production use and only driven by our professional drivers for videos that require burnouts, donuts, or other driving feats.

Social Media Photos and Videos

Want to use your rental car for social media posting but can’t get that perfect look? With our production team this is made simple, one of our photographers can meet with you or join you and do a photo shoot for you with your rental.